Listing Hub Will Free You From Negative Feedbacks

Despite the fact that Amazon's seller rating system sometimes does not reflect the real level of the vendor, many mid-sized and large-sized companies consider it a God`s gift. Some are grateful to it for automatically sifting out unscrupulous companies and thus ridding them of their competitors, some for the fact that the rating system actually forced them to use the listing hub, and some simply because it raises the level of the whole marketplace and attracts even more buyers.

Various software can greatly facilitate the life of the online retailer, but no tool, including even great and powerful Amazon product listing software, is not able to completely rid you of the need to take care of your seller's ranking. Whether you like it or not, the first criterion for evaluating your company is not your name, not your listing hub, and not your products. This is a rating. And it's the rating that affects your getting or not getting into Buy Box, so you have to take it seriously.

There are two main ways to keep your rating at a high level - to evade negative feedback and to solve the problem with concrete ones. You could be surprised, but both ways include multi channel listing.

How to get away with a nasty recall?

The first and one of the easiest misdemeanors that companies commit is especially relevant for the stage of rapid growth. When a company begins to sell much more than before and is not served by listing hub, its warehouses are difficult to control. It may turn out that you promised the buyer to deliver some goods, but you simply do not have it in stock. In this case, you will have to apologize, return the money, and then apologize again. Of course, this would not have happened if the company had implemented Amazon bulk listing software, but a lot of companies simply do not think about it before the phase of rapid growth.

Lesson # 1: get an Amazon listing software as soon as possible

The second aspect is connected with the purely human side of the issue. Buyers sometimes claim they received the item that differs from the one they ordered. They say that this is not that model, not that material, not that brand, but more often it turns out that they wanted this particular product but in the different color. There is nothing criminal in this case - when there are many orders, people can make mistakes. On the other hand, the Amazon listing software couldn't make mistakes, and in situations when your products become more and more demanded, it will help to avoid small mistakes you will have to pay for.

There is another aspect of sales on Amazon hidden here - listing hub or other high-quality software on average much better cope with tasks that do not require creativity or communication with the buyer. Sooner or later, all growing companies come to the need to use Amazon bulk listing software.

Lesson # 2: do not allow human mistakes to spoil your rating
Fast delivery was appreciated at all times, but in order to maintain your rating at a stable level, you really will have to try. It is quite symbolic that most of the companies` negative comments are received just for violation of delivery conditions. Amazon product listing software will help you find a product faster, but the organization of delivery lies entirely on your shoulders.

Try to build a system that can deliver goods to all corners of the country for several days. The most common delivery time is two days. If you do not manage to deliver the goods in two days, try to notify the buyer about it as soon as possible - perhaps, he will forgive you. Remember, besides Amazon bulk listing software, Amazon also have services that can facilitate the delivery. Amazon withdraws points for the delayed delivery and behaves in this case extremely severely.

Often companies have issues with the delivery organization due to the fact that they can not quickly process information from different marketplaces and spend precious time on it. If this problem touches you, try to implement multi channel listing software - it can significantly speed up the process.

Lesson # 3: The delivery organization should be as fast as possible, and the delivery itself - even faster

How to delete an unpleasant comment?

The best way not to waste time on disassembly with harsh feedback - do not receive it, but if you are unlucky and you got a reprimand from one of the buyers, you can get rid of the feedback. Here you do not need your technical power, hackers` help or listing hub. Use a simple algorithm below - in most cases, it helps. There are several ways to contact a customer, and you need to define the best for your situation.

Step 1: Respect

Many novice sellers write to the customer who left the feedback, angry letters, appeal to the conscience or even lie (for example, that their multi channel listing made a mistake, and because of this the customer suffered; we remind that such things in wildlife don't occur). This is not the best tactic. Contact the client as soon as possible through the marketplace message system and find out why he is disappointed in you as a seller. Try to receive the maximum amount of information. If the product was damaged, check your listing hub - it is possible that the buyer agrees to withdraw the feedback if you offer him to replace his damaged product with a new one.

Step 2: More respect

If the error occurred due to the fault of your employee, promise the client to replace this employee with the multi channel listing software, and offer him several solutions to the problem. This can be a refund, replacement of the product for a newer one or compensation of a different kind. Be reasonable, but act as soon as possible - it is necessary to remove the review before it sees a lot of people. Listen to every word of the client, promise to take immediate action - to implement Amazon listing software, to punish the offenders confused the items, to kill all the dragons that stood in the way of the truck with the items of your client. Just don`t forget you really have to do things you promised.

You could need some expert help while trying to implement the software. Omni Channel Hub will solve every problem for you.

Step 3: Even more respect

Do not ask the buyer to delete the review immediately. Wait for a while, allow it to cool. Spend this pause on setting up your Amazon product listing software, but not on the excitement. After some time, contact the buyer, list the measures you have taken, and ask if the buyer is satisfied with solving the problem. After this, carefully ask him if he will be kind enough to delete his negative feedback, and gently tell him how it could be done.

Remember, you should make it as easy as possible to delete the feedback for the buyer - he is not your Amazon listing software, and he could make some mistakes. Be patient and respectful.

Remember that the absence of negative reviews will not convince your potential customers to buy in your store, so do your best to leave a pleasant impression of your work. Try to gently offer your satisfied customers to leave positive feedback about your seller's account and enjoy their reaction.

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