How to Sell on Walmart Marketplace? Pros & Cons of Walmart

The e-commerce world is always turbulent, and all the companies have to change policies to adjust to the needs of the customers. For instance, this year one e-commerce giant, Amazon, reduced the price for delivery of goods for $35 to compete with Walmart.

Two weeks earlier Walmart offered the model of free 2 days shipping for all the loyal members. For those who know at least something about e-commerce, this must serve as a sign of the seriousness of Walmart. It‘s a high time to learn how to sell on Walmart marketplace for you.
Because you see, the giant of eCommerce is afraid of the one and only competitor: Walmart. For those who want to sell online, it’s the indication that sell on Walmart marketplace is a beautiful investment. In other words, it`s crucial to learn how to sell on Walmart marketplace, this idea is brilliant now as it has never been before.
Walmart is changing, Walmart is growing

Walmart viewed its dramatic growth in September 2016 after purchase. New Walmart CEO placed a bet on e-commerce and restructuring and was absolutely right. Now Walmart can compete with Amazon. will be adapted by Walmart and will be used to improve the company.

If you don't believe my words, take a look at numbers: the sales of the company grown by 39%. Yes, Amazon can boast bigger figures but the growth of Walmart is undeniable.

Pros of Selling on Walmart Marketplace
The company has the intention to sell at least one million of new items every month. It means you have a chance! Yet Walmart is really very restrictive: it has guidelines which prevent fraud and scam.

  • list item Great Traffic – Walmart can boast 100 million of unique visits. This is a unique chance to improve your brand recognition. Learn how to sell on Walmart marketplace to get this audience.
  • list item Walmart Supports Its Customers All the Way from signing in to a purchase. It‘s a strong argument for those who still doubt if they have to join Walmart marketplace.
  • list item Transactions are Easy to Make. Walmart values users` experience above everything else that is why if you want to buy or sell on Walmart marketplace, your transactions will be secured for 100%.
  • list item Target Audience- Walmart has a great target audience as the majority of American families buy goods at Walmart.
  • list item There’s Nothing Difficult in Return - e-merchants can choose what method of return is more comfortable for them.
  • list item Pay for Sale -you pay only if you sell something. It‘s a crucial parameter for those who want to learn how to sell on Walmart marketplace.
  • list item Only Pay When You Make a Sale – while Amazon charges money for listing fees, Walmart doesn’t do it. Walmart will charge you only if you actually sell a thing.
  • list item All Brands are Equal for Walmart. There is no such as concept as brand gating fees in the vocabulary of Walmart.
  • list item Absolute Security. Walmart is selling products for 17 years already which means that it has real experience.
  • list item Great Analytics. Walmart will help you with analytics and will give you the insight on how to improve your selling.

Multi-channel online businessmen should grasp the opportunity of selling on Walmart marketplace. Because Walmart is great in all the sense and is very attractive for buyers. The competition on Walmart is still not very high that's why you have to learn how to sell on Walmart marketplace.

Cons of Walmart
Of course, there are cons of selling on Walmart marketplace and I'm going to shed light on them as well to create a realistic picture. Walmart is not very good for very expensive premium sellers because it has the image of “cheapness”.

Well, Walmart is trying hard to change this association with the brand, and it's pretty successful if it can compete with Amazon now. In any case, even if you're selling luxury goods, you can try to do it on Walmart. Walmart clients are not poor, they just like discounts like all the people in the world. Even billionaires can shop on Walmart for fun.

Walmart has rather strict and precise requirements of quality. You will need to request an invitation for joining. The process of approval is rather strict: you will need to have a good reputation, reasonable pricing and be a great seller. Experience in selling on Amazon and eBay would be a prerogative.

You should take into account that certain categories of sellers will be preferred to others, that is one of the biggest disadvantages of Walmart. Walmart also has to improve customers` satisfaction. It must improve it to compete with Amazon as an equal.
Yet Walmart still remains one of the best alternatives to Amazon. It can become a number one if you learn how to sell on Walmart marketplace.

How to Sell on Walmart Marketplace if You are an Omni-Channel Seller?

Walmart is raising stakes to compete with Amazon and it`s a good news for all those who want to start their omni-channel sell career from selling on Walmart. Walmart is introducing a number of innovations to attract a different audience. The CEO of the company, Doug McMillon, explained that two day shipping offer is a beautiful opportunity to all the shoppers.

Of course, selling omni channel is the rather challenging. If you have more than a thousand of SKUs, it`s really easy to get lost in all that inventory management. That is why those shoppers who want to get the best out of multi-channel shopping use automation solutions to make this experience easier.

Omni Channel Hub can be your perfect database if you're a multi-channel seller. It will automate most of the tiring processes which require real work. You chances of misshipping some products will be equal to zero. It‘s an excellent solution for all those who want to start selling and don’t know where to start.

So What's Your Final Decision?

You've looked through all the arguments for and against sell on walmart marketplace. Another thing is undeniable - Walmart - beautiful place to start your business if you're selling lots of products for fair price. Walmart doesn't lack shoppers.

As Walmart remains one of the best places to sell wholesale, you will certainly win if you place a bet on a large amount of products. The logic is pretty simple: the more you sell, the more you get instead.

Walmart is associated with abundance and affordability. The name of the company is the synonym to these things. So customers rush to buy anything from Walmart and,more than that, customers trust Walmart immensely.

In other words, you won't need compete for loyal customers, they will be there for you when selling started. But please don't try to do everything by yourself. You will need help to automate all your processes.

Leave all your doubts behind and try selling today! It will be a best experience for you and lots of customers will be able to receive the best products. Start selling today and you'll receive first money tomorrow already.

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